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Subjects /Class 6 / Science.6 / Body Movements

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16 Jun 2022

  • The framework of the body which is made up of bones and cartilage is termed as skeleton.
  • The human skeleton is that the internal framework which is liable for giving support, shape and protection to our bodies.
  • It consists of 206 bones, each playing a definite yet important task.

Parts of Human Skeleton

The skeleton may be classified into two parts called:

  • the axial
  • the appendicular.

The axial skeleton comprises of the central a part of the skull, spine, and ribs.

The appendicular skeleton consists of the arms and legs.

Human Skeleton

Limbs, Bones and Joints

  • Limbs: The arms or legs of an animal.
  • Bones: These are the hard white structures below our skin that protect our internal organs. Bones are incapable of bending.
  • Joints: These are defined because the points at which two bones are fitted together. These are the points at which we are able to rotate and bend our bodies.
limbs and bones class 6th science