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Subjects /Indian Polity / The Vice-President

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22 Jul 2020

According to Article 63, there shall be a Vice President of India.

The Vice President is Ex-Officio Chairman of Council of States (Rajya Sabha).

The post of Vice President is not entitled for any salary. However, he is given salary and allowances as Chairman of Rajya Sabha.

The Vice President is not a member of either house of the Parliament.

The Vice President is elected by an electoral college through proportional representation by means of single transferrable vote.

The electoral college consists of all the members of both houses of Parliament (Including nominated members).

The State Legislatures has no say in the election or removal of Vice President.

According to Article 67, the Vice-President can be removed from his office on a resolution of the Rajya Sabha, passed by not less than majority of the members of the houses and thereafter agreed by the Lok Sabha (it means effective majority in the Rajya Sabha and then after simple majority in the Lok Sabha).

Qualification of Vice President

  1. He must be a citizen of India.
  2. He must have completed 35 years of age.
  3. He must have the qualification to become a member of Rajya Sabha.
  4. He must not hold any office of profit.

Terms and Tenure

The normal tenure of Vice President is 5 years from the date he enters upon his office. He is eligible for re-election for any number of times since Constitution is silent about it.

The office of the Vice President can be declared vacant on any of the following grounds –

  • If he dies
  • If he resigns under his own hand and address to the President.
  • If Supreme Court declares him disqualified or his election as null and void.

Duties of Vice President

The duties of the Vice-President in the extra ordinary circumstances are:

  • If the office of the President is vacant due to his death, resignation, disqualification, impeachment or otherwise, the Vice President act as President till the new President resumes his duties.
  • If President is unable to discharge his functions due to his absence, illness or otherwise, the Vice President acts as President till the President resumes his duties.
  • If Vice President acts as President he is entitled for all the immunities, privileges, prerogatives as well as salary and allowances of the President.