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How yoga can boost your immunity?
21Jul 2020

Yoga is derived from a Sanskrit word “yuj”, which means to join or to add. So, yoga means a practice in which the soul, body and mind of an individual is united at its best capacity.

In earlier times, yoga was used as a meditation practice and for the spiritual awakening of the learned disciples. But with changing times, yoga has emerged as a popular choice to keep oneself fit and healthy.

Yoga is the first choice for people who want to change their lifestyle and get their health back on track. Because, there are some yoga poses, which you can do anytime anywhere and get amazing health benefits.

How Yoga Benefits?

  • Mind positivity- Yoga improves the flow of blood and oxygen in every part of the body including the mind. It implants positivity and wellness in the mind of an individual. When we breathe in fresh air and do yoga, it improves the concentration and focus of mind and as a result promotes positivity in the mind, thus promoting positivity in the life too.
  • Healthy body- Yoga keeps us healthy, we all know that. And a healthy body is an immune body. Yoga postures help the increase of drainage in a particular cell which is related to immunity. It helps those cells to fight the infection and diseases which come in the way.
  • Improves the blood flow- When we move our in specific direction at specific time intervals, it increases the blood flow in entire body. Those parts, which generally lack the proper supply of blood, are covered by this practice. It gets more and more oxygen to the cells and increases oxygenated blood.
  • Relieves stress- Various studies have found that Yoga helps in removing your stress and it helps in making you happy as well. It promotes the flow of certain enzymes and hormones in the body which make you happy.
  • Concentration- yoga includes concentration on the present and the future of an individual. Researchers have found out that the people who do Yoga regularly better than others in terms of focus, concentration and remembering things. The memory serves better to those who practice Yoga.
  • Boosting the immunity- yoga and meditation have proved to be those practices which improve your immune system. These practices improve the antibodies in your body and make them function faster and effectively to fight the intruders. It helps the antibodies to become higher and lower as per the requirement.

How Yoga Can Boost Your Immunity?

The working of our immune system depends on number of factors. And, Yoga mainly increases the blood flow in our body. This in turn recharges our body, gets rid of the toxins, negative energy and keep our vital organs healthy. Thus, yoga can help support, balance and boost our immune system.

The practice of yoga if done regularly can help fight the oxidative stress in our body. In recent study published in Journal of Behavioral Medicine it is suggested that the yoga can boost our immune system and decrease the inflammation in the body.

According to the study, the stress can impact the body organs in various ways which can weaken the immune system. Scientists examined the trials of people who regularly practicing yoga and found that the markers of inflammation were few as compared to people who did not practice yoga.

Therefore, yoga not only reduces stress but also supports immune system, providing wellness and support for our mind and the body.

Which yoga poses are good for immunity?

Pranayama- This asan is the best to boost your immunity and it is so easy, that you can do it anywhere. Just sit somewhere comfortably, with your legs crossed and stretch your shoulder and your back. Sit in a good posture. Inhale the air deep, keep it inside for a while and then exhale it. Do it for around 10-20 times a day.

Uttanasana- Basically, you just need to fold yourself upward you just have to stand still for the first, then slowly bend yourself forward and allow your hands to rest on the floor. Keep up with this pose for around 5-10 deep breathes.

Shavasana- In this pose, you have to lie down as a corpse for a while and keep deep breathing. It helps you to relax and gives body a chance to function better.