Components of Food

Nutrients are substances that are needed by our body for correct growth and healthy body function. What are the assorted nutrients needed... Read More

Food - Where does it come from?

For good health, growth, lot of energy, body functions. It helps within the growth of living organisms. It... Read More

Advent of Europeans

As trade of both the company and of private individuals in Asia grew in the first half of the 18th century, Indian rulers came under increasing... Read More

Number System

The number system is the basis of entire basic numeracy. Most of its content is already been studied at school level. Almost one-fifth of every... Read More

Diffusion and Osmosis Through Plasma Membrane

Have you ever wondered how does a cell survives in a body? Well, it needs gas, water and nutrients to survive. Waste produced by cells... Read More

CULEE 2021

About the CULEE 2021 Christ University Law Entrance Exam, commonly known as CULEE is conducted to get entrance into the Christ (Deemed to... Read More

Will Our Immunity to Covid-19 be lifelong or short-lived?

Will our immunity to COVID-19 be lifelong or short-lived? Some diseases, like the measles, infect us once and usually grant us immunity... Read More


Narration is the process of recounting a sequence of events, real or imagined. It is usually used for storytelling. Here, two cases are formed,... Read More

List of Newspaper and Magazines for UPSC Exams

We all are aware that current affairs play an important role in UPSC Civil Services Exam preparation as the questions related to current affairs... Read More

Food and Its Science

We are heterotrophs i.e. we cannot make our own food and need it from external source. And we definitely need food because it is our main source... Read More

20 Amazing Women in Science and Math

Some were hailed in their lifetime, others died unrecognized, but all were amazing. She wrote the world's first computer program — in... Read More

Ayurveda: Meaning & Misconceptions

What is Ayurveda? In literal sense, Ayurveda is ‘the knowledge of life’. Ayurveda is one of the most ancient systems of medicine... Read More

Top 10 Law Colleges in India

The board exams are round the corner for Senior Secondary students. It is high time for students to gauge their choices for pursuing the higher... Read More

How to make smart notes for competitive exams?

Isn’t it the easiest thing? You read a topic and write down the main points. And like that your notes are ready. But first of all, what... Read More

Importance of Yoga in a Student Life

It is known universally that modern age is the age of stress, tension and anxiety and young generation are the falling prey to depression. ... Read More



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