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10 Apr 2022

Articles – A/An, The.

  • Equivalent to Adjective.
  • Article only qualify a Noun; never pronoun.




Weak form of one/Any



Weak from of this/that

Indefinite Articles


  • Generally, it is only used before a singular Common noun.
  • Not used before a Proper noun.
    • Exception: When means any.
    • Example: A Ramu is at the door. (Any person named Ramu).
  • Not used after Collective noun.
  • Not used after Material Noun.
  • Not used after Abstract noun.
    • Exception: Random speaking.
    • Example: There was a beauty in our college.

A + Consonant

A white board marker, a marker, a chauffeur, etc

A + Vowel

A university, a unique, a unit, a one minder, etc.

An + Vowel

An umbrella, an altruist, an illegible note, etc.

An + Consonant

An honorable, an honest, an hour, an heir, an heiress, etc.


Definite Articles


Where to put - The




  • Ocean
    • The Atlantic, The Pacific.
  • Sea
    • The black sea, the red sea, etc.
  • Bay
    • The Bay of Bengal
  • Gulf
    • The Gulf of Mexico
  • River
    • The Ganga, The Thames
  • Canal
    • The Suez Canal
  • Desert
    • The Thar desert, The Sahara Desert, etc.


  • Lake
  • Continent
  • Country
  • City
  • Town
  • Village
  • Hills
  • Island
  • State



  • Buildings/Monuments
    • The Taj Mahal, The Red Fort, etc
  • Battle
    • The battle of Panipat
  • War
    • The First World war
  • Revolutions
    • The French Revolution
  • Movements
    • The Indian National Movement
  • Dynasty
    • The Mughal Dynasty
  • Religion
    • The Hindu
  • Periods
    • The British Period
  • Ages
    • The Victorian Age
  • Political Parties
    • The Congress, The BJP



  • Restaurants – The KFC, The Pind Baluchi etc.
  • Hotels – The Taj, The Radisson, etc.
  • Museum – The Science Museum, etc.
  • Library – The Sahitya Akademi, etc.
  • Club – The Lion’s club, etc.



 Only with:

  • Newspaper – The Times of India, The Hindu, etc.
  • Religious Books – The Bhagwat Gita, The Ramayana, etc.
  • Magazines – The India Times, etc.




  • Trains
    • The Shatabdi, The Rajdhani, etc.


  • Ships, Carriers, etc
    • The Vikrant, The Titanic, etc.



  • Aeroplanes, Rockets, etc
    • The Kingfisher, The Indigo, etc.



Structures and Places for using article The

Other places to put ‘the’ before are:

  • Range/Groups
    • The USA, The Himalayas, The Andaman and Nicobar, etc.
  • Body Parts
    • The heart, the kidney, the liver, etc.
  • Directions
    • The east, the west, etc.
    • The sun rises in the east.
  • Posts
    • The director, the principle, etc.
  • Public Places
    • The Airport, the railway station, the central park, etc.
  • Physical Position
    • At the top, in the middle, etc.
  • Inventions
    • The cellphone, the radio, etc.


Other Structures:

  • The + Noun + of + Noun
    • Example: Surdas is the Milton of India.
  • Before Ordinal number
    • Example: The first, the second, etc.
  • Before double comparatives
    • Example: The higher you go the cooler it gets.
  • Before – ‘Of the two’
    • Example: She is the better dancer of the two girls.
  • Before superlative degree
    • Example: I am the best.

Points to Remember


1. We never use the article ‘the’ before the following words, if they satisfy their primary purpose:

Bed, hospital, church, temple, mosque, jail, prison, school, college, institute, coaching, court market, etc.


Wrong: I am going to the market for buying goods.

Correct: I am going to market for buying goods.

Wrong: The patient is admitted to the hospital.

Correct: The patient is admitted to hospital.

2. We always use article ‘the’ before:

The circus, the theatre, etc.  


Wrong: You will find joker in circus.

Correct: You will find joker in the circus.

Wrong: You can even see dramas in theatre.

Correct: You can even see dramas in the theatre.