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Subjects /Indian History / Medieval History / The Mughal Period from 1526AD to 1707AD Part I

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07 Mar 2021

The Mughals were originally Turks. They belonged to the Chagtai Tribe of the Turkish race. Original home of Mughals was Fergana in Central Asia.

Period of Mughal Empire is also known as Second Classical Age.

Babur from 1526AD to 1530AD

Capital: Agra

  • He was the founder of Mughal Empire.
  • Babur was a ruler in Fergana.
  • Babur was defeated by Shaibani Khan (Uzbeks tribe) and he fled to Afghanistan.
  • Babur came to Kabul from central Asia and then waged a war against Ibrahim Lodi in India where he won the 1st battle of Panipat.
  • Qabuli Bagh Masjid (Mosque) was constructed in Panipat. This was dedicated to his wife Qabuli.
  • Second monument built by babur was Babri Masjid in 1528. Built by his general Mir Baqshi.
  • Sambhal Masjid was constructed by Mir Hindu Beg (General of Babur).
  • He died in Agra in year 1530 and his Mausoleum was constructed there only.
  • His Mausoleum was shifted to Kabul by his wife because of his last wish.

Humayun from 1530AD to 1540AD

  • He was the son of Babur.
  • He built a new city “Deenpanah” in Delhi.
  • He lost many battles because of misfortune.
  • Akbar was born in way at Umerkot, Sindh(1542).
  • Lastly in 1540 he was defeated by Sher Shah Suri in the Battle of Kannuj (U.P)
  • He came Back to India taking advantage of weakness of Sur empire in 1555.
  • He died while climbing the library stairs in purana kila in 1556.

Did You Know

Tuzu–i–Baburi  :Babur referred about Kabul.

Sher Shah Suri (1540-56)

The Sur Empire was an empire established by a Muslim dynasty of Afghan (Pashtun) origin who ruled a large territory in northern part of the Indian subcontinent for nearly 16 years.

He died in 1545 at Kalinjar due to a blast in stock pile of ammunition.

Silver Rupaya (standard currency) was started by Sher Shah Suri.

Grand Trunk road was also built by him to improve communication.

After him Islam Shah was king and then the empire declined.