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Subjects /Indian Polity / Rights Against Exploitation + Cultural and Educational Rights

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17 Jul 2020

Traffic in human beings means selling or buying men, women or children like goods, it also includes immoral trafficking in women and children like sex trade, organ trade etc.


Under Article 23, forced labor (Begar) is also not allowed forced labor includes 3 things-

No person can be compelled to work against his will even if remuneration is paid.
If remuneration is not paid after work is done.

If remuneration is less than minimum - wages as prescribed by the Government.


Article 24: Children below 14 years of age can’t be employed in any hazardous job.

Article 24 is an absolute right, having no exception to this.


Article 29: Protection of interests of minorities, any section of the citizens residing in the territory of India or any part of it, shall have the right to preserve and protect – language, script and culture of its own.

No citizen shall be denied admission into any educational institution maintained by the state or receiving aid and of state funds on grounds only of religious race, caste, language or any of it.